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Product Name anti-theft lock
Material Zinc Alloy + Plastic
Weight OEM
Packing 1pcs/box.
Color Black, red, green
Carton Size 41 x 41 x 17 cm

13 mm hardened steel shackle (15 mm with coating)

Vertical Clearance: 15.7 cm
Horizontal Clearance: 13 cm

Gross weight of One carton 2.8 – 3.0 kg
Logo  Available
Feature Anti-theft

Anti-pry and anti-smash

Anti-prying, twisting and strong pulling of the chain


Bicycle locks play the role of anti-theft bicycles. There are bicycle locks with different functions in the market.
Bicycle chain lock
This lock is a small four-tooth lock. The lock body is made of aluminum alloy and has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of about 25 mm and a length of about 5 cm. The lock core is made of all copper and installed in the central part of the lock body. This kind of lock is connected to a 6 mm thick iron chain on the flat end of the lock body. The entire chain is covered by a plastic hose, and the chain is about one foot and eight inches long. A steel lock cylinder head is connected to the other end of the chain. There is a circular groove around a circle on the lock cylinder head. There is a round hole on the plane at the other end of the lock body, that is, the lock cylinder hole, which just fits the lock cylinder head. There is a lock pin connected to the lock core in this round hole. There is a shrapnel on the lock pin. If the lock cylinder head is inserted into the lock cylinder hole, the shrapnel will eject the lock pin without jamming the circular groove on the lock cylinder head, and the lock is locked. If you unlock the lock, you only need to extend the key into the key hole of the lock core, turn it clockwise 90 degrees, the lock core drives down the shrapnel, the shrapnel drives the lock pin to retract, and then pull out the lock cylinder head of the chain with your hand to open the lock. NS.