Bicycle handlebar introduction
Handlebars, one of the essential parts of a bicycle, when riding a handle, cart, or pulling cart held by the hand. You can’t ride a bicycle without a handlebar. It is a handle held by the hand when riding a bicycle, pushing a cart, or pulling a cart. It is a steering device for motorcycles to control the direction, which is equivalent to the steering wheel of a car. The handlebars should be firmly installed in the body and keep the handlebars balanced. The handlebar is also the steering device for the bicycle to control the direction.

What are the types of handlebars?
There are many types of handlebars, so what is the difference between different types of handlebars? The classification of bicycle handlebars is mainly divided into straight handlebars, swallow handlebars, curved handlebars, butterfly handlebars and other types of handlebars.

Straight handle
The shape of the handlebar bar is mainly flat, which is very suitable for some speed riding, and the handlebar is commonly used in low-to-medium-intensity riding. Another advantage of the straight handle is that it is very effective when rocking the car. Although it is very powerful, but the comfort and handling are so-so.

Swallow bars are generally rare on speed bikes, and are generally seen on heavy bikes. Because the advantage of the handlebar is comfort and handling, especially when the bicycle is off-road, it is very important for the flexibility of the bicycle and the control ability of the rider.

Butterfly handle
Butterfly handles are most commonly used on long-distance bicycles. Because the butterfly handle can improve the grip of many riding postures, which is how comfortable it is, it has good comfort, but the control performance is very poor.

It is usually used on road vehicles and is known for its speed.

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