Introduce cycling shoes
Cycling shoes are divided into two types: self-locking and non-self-locking. The latter is similar to ordinary sports shoes, but it emphasizes tightness. The former needs to be used with self-locking pedals. When both are used at the same time, their soles will be Tethered to the pedal (of course, it is very easy to take it off), so that you can avoid the worry of slipping the soles of your feet and concentrate on speeding up. However, you should use the self-locking function cautiously in bad road conditions, because it takes about 10 seconds to unlock the self-locking from a fall. If the road is bumpy, the car is easy to lose control, or you are a novice, it is recommended not to Use as well.

Main categories of cycling shoes
Mountain leisure shoes:
Similar to cycling shoes, but slightly different, the functional design is more suitable for the characteristics of mountain bikes, the soles are harder, but not as hard as the cement board! This kind of shoe is suitable for most riders, because it can improve the efficiency of climbing and pedaling while maintaining a certain degree of comfort.

Mountain competition shoes:
If you want to be the first to ride to the top of the mountain, or you just want to look a little more professional, then choose a professional mountain racing shoe. The sole of this shoe will be harder, but it will also have a certain degree of elasticity. Because of the particularity of mountain racing, there will be some standing movements when riding, and sometimes even walking. The most obvious difference between competition shoes and casual shoes is the hardness of the sole and the design of the upper. And in most cases, competition shoes should be lighter.

Downhill shoes:
If you are after speed, test how fast you can dive down from the mountain. If you play some difficult actions such as flying, flipping or jumping, or you like the feeling of running in the mud with your car on your back, then you have to choose a downhill shoe!

Road cycling shoes:
There are many types of road shoes, but no matter how they change, the basic principle is to ensure the effectiveness of the leg force transmission to the pedal.

Custom various cycling shoes as your requirement