Road bike introduction
Road bikes are used on smooth roads. Due to the low resistance of smooth roads, road bikes are designed with greater consideration for high speeds. They often use down-bending handles that can reduce wind resistance, and narrow high-pressure and low-resistance tires. The gears are higher, and the wheel diameter is larger than that of ordinary mountain bikes. Because the frame and accessories do not need to be strengthened like mountain bikes, they are often lighter and more efficient when riding on the road. Because the frame does not need to be strengthened and often uses a simple and efficient diamond design, road bikes are the most beautiful bicycles.

Road bike features
One of the features is the handlebar, which is called the bend. This downward dive design provides great flexibility, such as the position of the hands and the position of the body. This is great for long-distance riding, because you can change positions to make yourself more comfortable and faster.
Narrow tire
Previous road bikes used narrow tires, but more modern road bikes use narrow tires ranging from 25mm to 45mm thick tires, which can be ridden on roads that can only be described as “road”.
Carbon fiber frame
Carbon fiber is a composite material that allows bicycle designers to flexibly create lightweight and efficient structures that can be made into any imaginable shape, thereby further improving aerodynamic characteristics or riding quality. This means that carbon fiber bicycles are generally lighter and have less impact on performance quality. However, carbon fiber bicycles require many sophisticated processes to manufacture, and are often more expensive than aluminum alloy bicycles.