Cycling sleeve introduction
Cycling sleeves are also called riding arm guards, which are different from traditional sleeves. It has good elasticity, fits the body curve, thereby reducing the wind resistance caused by high-speed riding, and also has the functions of sun protection and cold protection. In summer, the sun is shining, and wearing a sleeve is better than applying sunscreen, and it does not have the sultry and greasy feeling of sunscreen; it is cool in the morning and evening in spring and autumn, and wearing it can keep you warm.

Cycling sleeve classification
Cycling sleeves are mainly divided into thin and light riding sleeves and warm riding sleeves. The appearance of the two is not very different, and the main points of action are different.

Lightweight cycling sleeves: mainly polyester and Lycra fabrics. Lightweight, breathable, soft and close-fitting, elastic, and sunscreen.

Warm-keeping riding sleeves: mainly fleece fleece fabric, with strong warmth retention and less elasticity.


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