The brake is an indispensable device for bicycles. The brakes are the safety guarantee for riding. The performance directly affects the safety factor of our outdoor riding. However, the brakes are like the types of bicycles. There are many types. The content of this issue is mainly for everyone. Here are the types of brakes that are popular in the market today.

Brakes are divided into: disc brakes, V brakes, drum brakes, caliper brakes, cantilever brakes, etc. Our most common ones are V brakes and disc brakes. At present, disc brakes are popular in mountain bikes.

V brake
Generally installed on low-end mountain bikes, the structure is simple, the price is cheap, and the maintenance is simple. However, when riding, it is easily affected by road conditions. Cause the brakes to be insensitive and skid. This young man crashed around the island because the brakes were covered with mud and sand, which caused the downhill to fail.

Disc brake
Divided into hydraulic disc brakes and cable disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes mainly compress oil through the oil pipe piston to push the brake pads to rub against the disc to achieve the braking effect. In theory, it is better than V brakes. The brakes lock the rim with a larger space, but sudden braking or unfavorable operation will still lock and cause crashes. Generally speaking, disc brakes are all mid-to-high-end mountain bikes. As well as some variants of road bikes, hydraulic disc brakes have smooth handling, which is also a favorite of high-end mountain bikes. Cable-pull disc brakes use the brake cable to drive the brake pads in the caliper to generate friction with the disc, thereby generating brakes. Of course, the brake power will be lost due to factors such as long cables and dry brake cables.

Drum brake
Generally used for the rear brakes of commuter city cars, most of the rear brakes of children’s bicycles are also drum brakes.

Caliper brake
Like the drum brake, it is also used for commuter city cars. For example, a pliers clamps the rim to brake. It looks like a C and is also called a C brake.

Cantilever brake
It is somewhat similar to the V brake, but the difference from the V brake is that the two sides of the brake arm are not directly connected to the brake cable, but are connected by an independent steel wire and then connected to the brake cable hook.

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