Definition of children’s bicycle
Children’s bicycles refer to bicycles that are suitable for children aged 4-8, with a maximum saddle height of 435mm~635mm, and ride on the driving mechanism acting on the rear wheel. There are various wheel diameters and styles with or without balance wheels. Children’s bicycles cannot be used for road riding, and must be used under the supervision of an adult.

Types of children’s bicycles
Children’s hybrid bicycle
These bicycles are very suitable for comprehensive riding. They are designed to give people comfort and confidence every time they ride, whether on roads, gravel trails or even when detouring on the lawn. They are usually equipped with tires designed to provide traction on various surfaces.
Children’s mountain bike
Some strollers have a solid and rugged style, but they are still suitable for riding on flat roads. A true youth mountain bike specially designed for off-road riding. They have parts specifically designed to cope with bumps, rocks, and muddy road conditions-like bumpy high-pattern tires, and suspension forks on some models. If your child has mastered the more advanced handling, shifting, and braking skills for correctly driving a complex bicycle, and has shown an interest in off-road riding, it may be time to buy a children’s mountain bike.