What is the role of bicycle spokes?
1. Effectively increase the strength of the rim, support the tires, adjust the tightness of the spokes and ensure the stability of the bicycle.

2. There are many ways of weaving bicycle spokes, including direct radial weaving and tangential weaving. To put it simply, the radial knitting method is the simplest and requires the shortest spokes, but the vibration from the ground will be transmitted directly to the body through the spokes, and then to the rider.

After riding the car for a period of time, all parts should be inspected and adjusted to prevent the parts from loosening and falling off. The sliding parts should be injected with appropriate amount of engine oil on a regular basis to keep it lubricated. Once the vehicle is wetted by rain or damp, the electroplated parts should be wiped dry in time, and then coated with a layer of neutral oil (such as household sewing machine oil) to prevent rust.