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Product Name anti-theft lock
Material Zinc Alloy + Plastic
Weight OEM
Packing 1pcs/box.
Color Black, red, green
Carton Size 26 x 17 cm

13 mm hardened steel shackle (15 mm with coating)

Vertical Clearance: 15.7 cm
Horizontal Clearance: 13 cm

Gross weight of One carton 2.8- 3.3 kg
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Feature Anti-theft

Anti-pry and anti-smash

Anti-prying, twisting and strong pulling of the chain


Bicycle locks play the role of anti-theft bicycles. There are bicycle locks with different functions in the market.

New bicycle anti-pick lock
This kind of lock has five marble holes and a few marbles. It is a small five-tooth lock. The key is made of all copper. Its lock body is an all-clad steel shell with no gaps. The lock column will shrink back. When the lock core rotates 800 degrees (clockwise), the lock is fully opened. At this time, the key hole is 80 degrees from the original position, and the lock core does not return to its original position. In this way, the billiard card is in the concave tooth groove on the key, and the key cannot be pulled out of the key hole, and it is in the state of retaining the key. If it is locked, you need to hold the key and turn it counterclockwise by 800 degrees. The rotation of the lock core drives the gear, and then drives the gear on the lock column to extend the lock column downwards, and the lock is naturally locked. Only then can the key be taken out.
Except for the key hole, there are basically no gaps in the whole lock of this kind of lock. And the lock shell is made of all steel, which is relatively strong. Therefore, ordinary thieves use a screwdriver or a small crowbar to pick this kind of lock, and they cannot unlock the lock at all. The installation of this lock is the same as the old bicycle lock, which is fixedly installed on the bicycle tripod to block the wheel and prevent the wheel from rotating.