What is a bicycle pedal
Bicycle pedals can be divided into integral pedals and combined pedals. No matter what style of pedals, they must have a pedal surface, must be safe and reliable, have a certain anti-skid performance, and can be made of rubber, plastic or metal materials. The pedals must be flexible.

Bicycle pedal classification
Platform pedal
Platform pedals are mainly used for urban and mountain riding. When you use the mountain bike platform, you need to wear flat-bottom mountain bike shoes. These shoes have special rubber and non-slip patterns that can help you keep your cycling shoes on the pedals when you are speeding on the mountain. For beginners, platform pedals are usually ideal, because if you start to tip over, it will be easier to support with your feet.
Pedal with toe clip
Platform pedals with toe clips and buckle straps are used for city cycling, leisure cycling and road cycling. You can also see them on the dead fly bike. They are convenient because they can be matched with any shoes you are wearing right now, including sports shoes. Toe clip used to be the preferred style for road cycling and competition, but now self-locking cycling shoes and self-locking pedals are more popular. However, you can still find cycling shoes specifically designed for the use of toe clips and buckles.
Self-locking pedal
The cleat pedal is also called a self-locking pedal. They are called self-locking (no clip) because they do not use toe clips. They work by clamping the cleats of the soles into compatible pedals. They can be used for all types of cycling, including road, mountain, gravel, travel, commuting, mixed off-road and competition.