Cycling clothing introduction
Generally speaking, riding clothes are close-fitting, which can effectively avoid the situation of driving. I believe that you and I have the experience of wearing loose sports clothes and being blown into a balloon by the wind. Therefore, we say that the wind resistance can be effectively reduced.

Cycling clothing fabrics are generally made of various breathable materials introduced by major companies, so the sweat produced during cycling can be quickly discharged from the body. This is something that pure cotton clothes cannot achieve.

How to choose cycling clothes?
1. Try to choose the front zipper to open a larger one, so that it has good ventilation
2. There are small pockets on the back or side, you can put small things, and there are closed pockets to put the mobile phone better.
3. It is better to have reflective strips on the clothes. It is safe to ride at night.
4. After trying on the clothes, please straighten your arms to the front, bend your waist slightly, and sit in a riding position. If the clothes can just cover your wrists (if long sleeves), there is no sense of restraint under the tuck, and your back The waist is not exposed, so the size is almost the same.

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