Electric bicycle introduction
An electric bicycle refers to a mechatronics personal vehicle that uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source on the basis of an ordinary bicycle, and is equipped with a motor, a controller, a battery, a handlebar and other operating components and a display instrument system.

Electric bicycle maintenance
Pay attention to cleaning first. After encountering water, especially salt water in winter (many cities spray salt water after heavy snow in winter to avoid freezing), clean it in time, otherwise it will easily cause metal parts to rust and paint film aging and fall off. The second is to pay attention to the maximum adjustment height. After the new car has been riding for a period of time, the whole car should be inspected and adjusted according to the requirements of the manual. Tightening and lubrication are essential at this time. Check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the transmission parts are flexible. Pay attention to wipe off the slick oil after lubricating the chain, and just apply a little oil on the flywheel. The tires should be properly inflated, otherwise it will affect the comfort and service life of riding. The brakes are the basic guarantee for safety, and they should be checked at any time. As long as there are problems, they should be adjusted or repaired immediately.
Electric bicycles are not afraid of rain and snow. However, the water level cannot exceed the lower edge of the electric wheel hub bearing seat when wading water to prevent damage to the motor caused by water ingress. After riding in rain or snow, wipe it off as soon as possible; if the electrical components are immersed in water, they should also be dried with a hair dryer. So as not to cause corrosion of iron parts, circuit leakage, short circuit and other faults.