Types of bicycle locks
The first is a U-shaped lock, which has the highest safety factor, and the general pliers are constantly cutting.
The second type is a folding lock, which is connected by many metal lock sections. The length can exceed one meter, and it is also very safe. Generally, pliers have nowhere to cut.
The third type is a cable lock. The inner layer is a steel wire with a diameter of 6mm-25mm, and the outer layer is soft plastic or thick cloth to prevent scratches on the body of the bicycle.
The fourth type is a spiral lock, which is similar in structure to a cable lock, but is smaller and can be rolled into a spiral for easy carrying.
The fourth type is a chain lock. Like folding locks, this type of lock is heavier and longer, and is suitable for locking on a fixed object, but the price will be slightly cheaper.

Safety of bicycle lock
The higher the safety factor of the lock, the smaller the chance of a thief stealing our car. Generally, the country divides the anti-theft of the lock into “A-level and B-level”, and the A-level has a lower anti-theft coefficient. This is not recommended. This is a piece of cake for thieves. The B-level anti-theft coefficient is relatively high. It is best to use this type of lock when we lock it.