Bicycle basket introduction
Bicycles, also known as bicycles or bicycles, are usually small two-wheeled land vehicles. It can be used as an environmentally friendly means of transportation for transportation and travel. More and more people use bicycles as fitness equipment for cycling exercises and bicycle outings. In order to facilitate travel, there is usually a basket on the bicycle, and the basket is used to place personal belongings.

Most domestic and foreign manufacturers use metal materials for bicycle baskets, and produce bicycle baskets and other accessories through casting, welding, polishing, painting and other processes.

Installation steps of bicycle basket
1) Basket support rod
Loosen the screw on one end of the front wheel first, install one end of the basket stick in first, and tighten the screw; then loosen the screw on the other end of the front wheel, install the other end of the basket stick in, and tighten the screw.

2) Installation of the fixing piece at the upper end of the basket
Pass the screw through the iron plate and fit the place where the basket is installed on the handlebar, and then tighten the screw.

3) Installation of the fixing piece at the bottom of the basket
The lower end of the basket uses an iron sheet with a bump in the middle, and the bumps are the basket rods. Put an iron sheet in the basket, pass the screw through the screw hole, and then tighten the screw at the other end.

Custom various bicycle basket as your requirement

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