Project Description









Product Name Bike Light
Power : rechargeable 2000mA lithium battery
Size: 20*25*10mm
Wight 60g
Light Modes 6 light modes
Recharge time : 7-8h by USB-C


Working Temperature: -40~+60°C
Functions: Warning light ,Brake Light,Anti-theft alarm,Turn signal Electric Bell



Bicycle lights are lamps installed on bicycles for riders to ride at night. Riders often use a combination of flashlights and holding clips to serve as night riding equipment. The biggest advantage is that it is economical and portable. The disadvantages are narrow floodlight, large blind spots, short battery life, and poor safety. For professional cyclists, they are equipped with professional bicycle lights. This type of bicycle light has the characteristics of long battery life, both flooding and long-range shooting, waterproof and sweat proof, and high safety index for carrying bumps, but it is expensive.
It also discourages ordinary riders. There are two types of motor power generation; battery-powered bicycle lights can be further divided into battery and light separated type and battery and light integrated type. Self-powered bicycle lights need to withstand frictional resistance even when the lights are not required to be turned on, which is unacceptable for demanding riders. Therefore, battery-powered bicycle lights are more commonly used.
Bicycle lights can be divided into front lights, rear warning tail lights and hot wheels (also called wheel lights).
There are more and more friends who like to ride. Due to work, the choice of riding time is usually only night and weekend. On holidays, night riding has become a very popular choice. Because of the particularity of night riding, car lights have become a necessity. When riding a bicycle at night, the surrounding cars and motorcycles always seem to ignore you? When driving, have you ever been frightened by a bicycle rushing out of the dark? Stop “iron teeth”! Riding a bike at night without turning on the lights is like a black man catching a crow in the middle of the night. Invisible means invisible! Therefore, it is very important to install bicycle lights.