Project Description








Bike name Mountain Bike
Wheel Size 29″ / 27.5″
Frame Height 29×15″ /  27.5×15″ / 17″
Bike Color Red / DarkGray / Blue / Yellow / Orange / BlackRed / BlackSilver / WhiteRed, Holographic color(Red / Black /Yellow)
Net Weight 20KG
Frame LEOPARDpro, High modulus Carbon fiber,EPS,Inner-Cable,Gloss paint,UV laser decals
Handelbar Sets TW Alu alloy,Matte with Laser-logo,Handlebar 31.8×700,Stem 90mm,Seat post 31.6×350mm
Clamps TW Alu alloy,Single screw lock 34.9mm
Fork TW MgAl alloy,Air suspension,Remote
Head Sets TW Alu alloy CNC with sealed Bearings 42*52mm
Washer Carbon 3K 3×28.6×10mm
Derailleur Lever RETROSPEC(LTWOO) V5010-30S
Front Derailleur RETROSPEC(LTWOO) V5010
Rear Derailleur RETROSPEC(LTWOO) V5010
Cranksets RETROSPEC, Alu alloy,Hollow,24-32-42T
Cassettes SUGEK-10S,11-36T
Chain YBN-10S
BB Hollow BB92×41×24, pressed
Brake ZOOM hydraulic brake+HS1 disc 150/160



Mountain bike frames are divided into the following types:
The hard tail frame can be divided into two main parts: the front triangle and the rear triangle. The rear triangle does not have a shock absorber, and the frame directly welded by metal pipes is called the hard tail frame. the stability of the rear wheels becomes a problem when driving at higher speeds on relatively rugged roads, and may even be turned off the ground and cause the car to lose control. Different from the general XC off-road frame, the climbing frame has its own characteristics. This is a small climbing frame, this is a large climbing frame, and this is a European climbing frame. The seat tube of the climbing frame is particularly short, so that the center of gravity of the entire frame is very low. With the front and rear wheels that are thicker than ordinary off-road vehicles, the stability of the entire vehicle is guaranteed. With the upper and lower tubes longer than the normal frame, the driver’s body center of gravity can be quickly adjusted in a wide range according to the situation. This is also a good example of performance determining appearance.
2. Soft tail frame (SOFT——TAIL) The soft tail frame is a kind of frame between the hard tail frame and the fully shock-absorbing frame. This frame has a passive damping structure at the seat support of the rear triangle. This structure is similar to the rear shock absorber, but it does not have the obvious shock absorption effect of the rear shock absorber. Its function is only to make the vibration transmitted to the human body slightly smaller, and at the same time to make the contact between the rear wheel and the ground closer and better control. Like the hard-tail frame, the soft-tail frame has almost no energy loss during pedaling. This frame is slightly heavier than a hard tail frame and lighter than a fully shock-absorbing frame. However, due to the frame type, it is relatively rare in China. The following are the products of KHS, which is famous for producing soft tail cars.