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Product name Bicycle wheel set (front + rear pair)
Material: alloy wheels Material: alloy wheels
Size: 26 inches Size: 24 inches
Braking System Disc Brake
Use Mountain Bikes, Road Bicycles
Weight 1050G , 1103G
Color Black, Red, Blue, Gold
Scope of application Bicycle wheel
Brake Dedicated for disc brakes.
Spoke: No. 45 steel rod Spoke: No. 45 steel rod



Bicycle wheels Except for the frame itself, nothing has a greater impact on bicycle performance than a wheel set. From durable mountain wheels to lightweight, aerodynamic carbon fiber road wheels, you want great advantages in weight, performance and handling
The rims of spoke wheels are mainly magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, and old-fashioned iron rims. The spokes are generally made of cold drawn steel wire or stainless steel.
The main materials of the one-piece wheel hub are magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy. Magnesium alloy, light weight, high hardness, high strength, safer to use.
The material of the bicycle wheel is aluminum alloy. According to the characteristics and needs of different models, the surface treatment process of the wheel hub will also adopt different methods, which can be roughly divided into two types: baking paint and electroplating. The appearance of the wheels of ordinary models is less considered, and good heat dissipation is a basic requirement. The process is basically painted with paint, that is, spraying and then electric baking.The surface treatment process of many car wheels is painted. Some fashionable and dynamic colored wheels also use paint technology. This type of wheel hub is moderately priced and has complete specifications.
Electroplated wheels are divided into silver electroplating, water electroplating and pure electroplating. Although the color of electroplated silver and water electroplated wheels is bright and vivid, but the retention time is relatively short, so the price is relatively cheap, and it is liked by many young people who are in pursuit of freshness.