Project Description









Model Name Bike Seat
Fabric  Lycra , memory foam , gel
Size:  28.2*16.8 cm
Warranty(Years) 4 years
packaging size 27*30*2.7cm
G.W.(G) 159.6G
Color Black/white/green
Quantity per box 50 pieces
Parking size 50*37*54cm
Carton size 58*35*41 cm
Features: 1.Reduce pressure , protect hip
2.Breathable fabric , quick drying
3.Flexible and adjustable velcro , and with good  stickiness



The bicycle cushion is a bicycle accessory that directly contacts the buttocks when riding. It consists of 4 parts and can be divided into two types. Narrow and slender hard seat cushion. This narrow hard seat cushion is commonly found in sports bikes and is designed for high-speed cruising. Large and soft comfortable cushions, such cushions are more common in entry-level vehicles or leisure-oriented bicycles, and are designed for slow cruising.
The seat cushion of a road bike is narrow, hard, thin, and light, which can protect the perineum and prevent friction, and it can also pedal harder and increase the speed.
There are many types of seat cushions for mountain bikes. Ordinary mountain bikes, climb hills, and slow down are also different.
Adjusting the seat cushion of a bicycle has the following advantages:
Seat height is conducive to exerting strength, can use all the muscles of the leg, and make the muscles not easy to be injured.The body weight is evenly distributed to the hands when riding in a prone position, reducing the pressure on the buttocks of long-term riding. But too high can damage the knees and muscles