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Product Name Bycicle Tire
Combo Set Offered ≥7
Size 24inches, 30×2.1
Wight 160g
Use Mountain Bikes, Road Bicycles, Ordinary bicycle
Material Rubber
Rubber content 35%-45%
Certificate ISO9001//REACH/E-MARK
Quality America/European Standard
Feature 1. Fast rolling with grip for all surface conditions ;

2. Available in a wide size range

3. Micro-knob thread pattern

4. Front and Rear application

5. Dual compound.



Tire is a general term for tires. It is usually made of wear-resistant rubber materials. There are solid tires and pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires consist of inner and outer tires for bicycle tires: soft-sided tires and hard-sided tires. The soft-sided tire has a wide cross-section, can completely wrap the inner tube, and has a relatively large landing area, which is suitable for driving on various roads. Hard-sided tires are light in weight, have a small footprint, and are suitable for driving on flat roads. The tires of mountain bikes are very wide and the pattern is deeper, which is suitable for off-road and mountain use.At the same time, choosing the right tire is also one of the necessary skills you need.
No matter what type of rider you are, it is very necessary to avoid excessive tire wear. A flat tire will increase the probability of a tire blowout during riding. Check the tire wear in time and replace the severely worn tire in time. Will effectively enhance your riding experience. The diameter of the tire is determined by your model (the diameter of the rim). It is a very simple “black or white” problem, and most people will not understand it. In contrast, another parameter of tire specifications-tire width, has more knowledge. Under the premise that other conditions remain the same, just the difference in tire width can greatly change the riding experience.