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Product Name High Strength Durable Non-slip Mountain Road Bike Pedals Nylon
Material Nylon
Color Black/white/blue
Bearing 2 Sealed Bearing
Size 13.5*12*2.3cm
Wight  340g
Usage Mountain Bikes, Road Bicycles,BMX, Most Bikes
OEM Yes and Welcome
Feature Ultralight/ High Quality Bearing/ Dust-proof/ Nylon body–Durable/ Great Grips with anti-slip nails



Pedals: can be divided into integral pedals and combined pedals. No matter what style of pedals, they must have a pedal surface, must be safe and reliable, have a certain anti-skid performance, and can be made of rubber, plastic or metal materials. The pedals must be flexible.
The pedal components are assembled on the left and right cranks of the central axis components. It is a device that converts the horizontal force into rotational force. When the bicycle is riding, the pedal force is first transmitted to the pedal components, and then the pedal shaft rotates the cranks and the cranks. ,

Traditional pedals are the most common bicycle pedals. You can step on any kind of shoes (even barefoot!). Traditional pedals are usually found in children’s bicycles and city cars. Rubber or hard plastic is the most commonly used material for this type of pedal. Features: Simple and easy to use, no special requirements for shoes, nothing will fix you on the bike, and no upward force can be applied to the pedals, that is, you can step on the pedals down, but you cannot push them up. Pull, the foot slips off the pedal easily