Project Description









Name Road bike Frame Aluminum alloy inner wire
Fork Aluminum alloy shoulder lock Saddle 8501 fine leather printed gray silver flower
Sticker Light No film sticker weight 5kg
Painting Painting length 98cm,110cm
Bottom bracket Sealed bottom shaft 122MM Brake Cassette disc brake 160 discs front and rear
Rim 180 black side edging knife rim Brake lever Black B68 aluminum alloy brake lever
Outer tire 2.15 black tire Brake line Black environmental protection line pipe
Inner tire 175 natural rubber tire Shifter Ltwoo 27-speed three sets (A5)
Handle bar Thickened black frosted small swallow handle Package 85%skd
Grip Black straight grain single pass grip



Road bikes are used on smooth roads. Due to the low resistance of smooth roads, road bikes are designed with greater consideration for high speeds.  Because the frame and accessories do not need to be strengthened like mountain bikes, they are often lighter and more efficient when riding on the road. Because the frame does not need to be strengthened and often uses a simple and efficient diamond design, road bikes are the most beautiful bicycles.
The length of the bicycle shall not exceed 185 cm, the width shall not exceed 50 cm, and the weight shall not be less than 6.8 kg. The length of the seat should be between 24-30 cm, the distance between the central axis and the ground should be between 24-30 cm, and the diameter of the front and rear wheels of the bicycle must be the same. The maximum diameter of the wheel is 70 cm and the minimum is 55 cm
The advantages of road bikes are low resistance, faster riding, lighter weight and less effort, low resistance, large gear ratio, fast speed under the same pedaling frequency and power, and light and labor-saving riding for transportation. The combination of people and vehicles is high and easy to control. It is also an excellent sports equipment.