Project Description











Product Name Bicycle Fork
Wheel Size 26inch,27.5 inch ,29 inch
Hub width 100mm
Wight 1kg
Pitch 130W
Stanchions AL(Φ34mm)
Outer legs MG(Φ35mm)
Steerer Tube AL(Φ38.8mm)
Brake type D-brake 160mm
Travel 100/122mm
Feature Spring

Air pressure





The front fork of a bicycle is a very important part of the bicycle, which will directly affect the performance of the bicycle and the comfort of the rider. The front fork of the bicycle is divided into a hard fork and a suspension fork, and the suspension fork is divided into a spring fork. , Oil spring forks and air forks, the main function of shock-absorbing forks is to filter the tiny vibrations from the ground. Different types of front forks and different levels of front forks give riders a different riding experience. For example, the riding experience of hard forks and suspension forks is great, but the same level of oil springs When using the front fork and the air-pressure front fork, it can be said that they are similar in use.A good suspension fork is not only a combination of suitable springs and suspension damping, but also must be very smooth. The so-called smooth: refers to the process of the front fork being unstressed, compressed, compressed to the bottom (bottom out), and then returned to the uncompressed state (top out) without any feeling of stuck or friction, top -out and bottom-out should not be too sudden or too heavy. The new fork will be tighter, but after a period of running-in, it should be smooth in principle. After the front fork is used for a long time, debris such as mud and sand may enter the area of ​​the pushing between the inner and outer tubes, or the grease of the push may be eaten, which will cause unsmoothness. Different front fork factories will have their own different lubrication measures, and the most common one is to install a rubber protective cover to prevent dust and sand from entering.