Project Description









Product Name Bicycle Pedal
Materials Aluminium alloy
Weight about 340g/Pair
Platform Size  110mm* 99mm*20mm
Style Ultralight Pedal
Colour Black/Red/Blue/Green/Orange


Spindle 9/16″(standard size)
Axis 14mm
Package includes 2 X Bicycle Pedal(1 Pair)
Features The mountain bike pedals use high-strength aluminum alloy material to make the pedals feature lighter weight and durability at
the meantime.



Pedals: can be divided into integral pedals and combined pedals. No matter what style of pedals, they must have a pedal surface, must be safe and reliable, have a certain anti-skid performance, and can be made of rubber, plastic or metal materials. The pedals must be flexible.
The footrest with footrest is another major innovation in footrest design. It was the invention of footrest. It first appeared in the 1860s. The obvious advantage of footrest over ordinary footrest is that the rider can drive the pedal in a full circle. In other words, you can step up while stepping down. , Foot covers are ideal for commuter cyclists who often walk through the streets and alleys. The advantage is that it is simple and easy to use, no special requirements for shoes, simple and easy to learn, the rider can use the leg power on the pedals, and can lift up while pedaling down; the disadvantage is that there is still a small amount of power loss. The foot cover cannot transmit all the energy provided by the leg when pedaling
If you want to provide maximum flexibility and don’t want to use only self-locking pedals, then having dual-purpose pedals may be the choice of many riders. This kind of pedal is flat on one side and can be stepped on with ordinary shoes. The self-locking on the other side can jam the lock shoe and provide more effective pedaling efficiency.