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Product name Bike tire
Size tyre wholesalers 26×1.75/2.125 AV
weight: 180g±15g
Size : 26X1.95, 26 x 2.35, 27.5 x 1.95, 27.5X2.10, 29×2.1
Thickness: 0.9mm
Quantity: 50pcs
N.W: 9.6KGS 11.00KGS
Color: black
Measurement: 355x282x275mm
MOQ 2pcs
Feature 1. Fast rolling with grip for all surface conditions ;

2. Available in a wide size range

3. Micro-knob thread pattern

4. Front and Rear application

5. Dual compound.




Tire is a general term for tires. It is usually made of wear-resistant rubber materials. There are solid tires and pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are composed of inner and outer tires.

The inner tube is commonly called the inner tube. Refers to a circular elastic tube with a tire valve used to maintain the internal pressure of the tire. The valve is used to inflate and maintain a certain pressure of air in the inner tube. The inner tube should have good air tightness, heat resistance, elasticity, aging resistance and small permanent deformation. It is generally made of butyl rubber.
The inner tube is an air-bearing container for inflation and vibration reduction. It is an auxiliary air-bearing container used in the inner cavity of a bicycle tire. According to the main materials it contains, it can be divided into a natural rubber inner tube and a butyl rubber inner tube. There is also a new product, a pure butyl rubber inner tube. . Butyl rubber inner tube products: refers to the use of butyl rubber and butyl reclaimed rubber as the main raw materials, adding EPDM rubber, fillers, additives, anti-aging agents and other auxiliary materials, formulating in a certain proportion, after mixing and mixing After molding, vulcanization and finalization, it is processed into various types of automotive inner tube products.
Bicycle tires: There are two types of soft-sided tires and hard-sided tires. The soft-sided tire has a wide cross-section, can completely wrap the inner tube, and has a relatively large landing area, which is suitable for driving on various roads. Hard-sided tires are light in weight, have a small footprint, and are suitable for driving on flat roads.