Project Description










Product Name Bike Wheels
Material 100% Full Carbon Fiber
Size 700c
Rim Depth/Width 54mm/24mm
Rim Profile Clincher
Spoke Hole 24H
Finishing UD Matte
Brake System V Brake
Brake Surface Basalt
Axle System Quick Release
O.L.D. F: 9*110mm, R:9*130mm
Casstte Body Shimano 9/10/11S
Spokes CN Aero Spokes
N.W. 1520±30g
Application Road Bike
Warranty 2 Years



Bicycle wheels Except for the frame itself, nothing has a greater impact on bicycle performance than a wheel set. From durable mountain wheels to lightweight, aerodynamic carbon fiber road wheels, you want great advantages in weight, performance and handling
A bicycle hub assembly includes a hub axle, a hub shell, a sprocket support body, a first ratchet member, a second ratchet member, and a holding member. The sprocket support body includes a first spiral spline. The first ratchet member includes at least one first ratchet tooth, and a second helical spline, the second helical spline being configured to fit with the first helical spline. The second ratchet member includes at least one second ratchet tooth, and a hub shell engaging portion, the second ratchet tooth is configured to fit with the at least one first ratchet tooth, and the hub shell engaging portion is configured to engage the hub shell. The holding member is configured to hold an assembled state in which the sprocket support body, the first ratchet member, and the second ratchet member are assembled into a single unit.The main materials of the one-piece wheel hub are magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy. Magnesium alloy, light weight, high hardness, high strength, safer to use.